The UK’s oldest brick-built lighthouse

Welcome to Leasowe Lighthouse

Leasowe Lighthouse stands on the shore of Leasowe Common on the Wirral Peninsular and is the UK’s oldest brick-built lighthouse.   Built in 1763, the lighthouse stands 110 feet high and is a Grade II Listed building.

The lighthouse, in conjunction with a 2nd lighthouse built on the shoreline, was a ‘leading’ lighthouse used to guide ships into the Rock Channel and then safely on to Liverpool. 

The lighthouse was also a family home, with the lighthouse keepers and their families living within its 7 floors and being virtually self-sufficient with a vegetable garden, pigsty and stables in outbuildings attached to the lighthouse.

The last family to run the lighthouse were the Williams family who moved into the lighthouse in 1892.  They had 13 children, some of whom helped to keep the lighthouse running and about which you will hear much if you come on one of our guided tours to the top of the lighthouse.  They remained in charge of the light until it was lit for the final time on 15th July 1908.

The Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse September 2023

The lighthouse is open to the public twice a month from Spring to Autumn and is used for abseiling events several times per year.

We also offer school visits and private tours (including paranormal events).  Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

We are always on the search for help with the lighthouse.  If you would like to become a member or a volunteer with us please click here.

The Northern Lights over Leasowe Lighthouse on Friday 10th May 2024