The Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse CIO, Leasowe Common, Moreton, Wirral, CH464TA • Telephone: 0151 353 0861

Open Days

12.00 – 4pm (please note that the last tour starts 30mins prior to closing)
Sunday 1st October, Sunday 15th October, Sunday 5th November, Sunday 4th March and Sunday 18th March

Guided tours to the top: Admittance: £2 adult, £1 if under 16 Children must be taller than 1.06m (42”) to climb to the top. If you have any queries or require any further information please ring 0151 353 0861

Private Tours

Leasowe Lighthouse is a source of fascination for many people and the Friends are very happy to open the building for small private visits if required. In the past we have had a variety of such trips.

A couple from Holland came to the UK to retrace the travels of an ancestor. This gentleman had recorded everything in a diary which included a fond reference to the lighthouse on 6th.September 1805.

Sometimes a child may get anxious if there are crowds or unfamiliar faces, a private tour may be less stressful and the guide can answer all their questions without interruption – or indeed stop the tour if the child becomes uneasy.

A group of girl guides came to the lighthouse one evening instead of their usual meeting, and a couple of girls were awarded some badges standing in the lamp room where they also carried out their goodnight ritual.

Another young man requested a private visit for him and his girlfriend. When they reached the lamp room on the top floor the guide quietly retreated out of the room while the gentleman surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal.

The lighthouse premises are not currently licensed for wedding ceremonies but perhaps this is something we should investigate!

These are a few of the happy events that have taken place at the lighthouse in recent months. If you would like to use the lighthouse for something special, or would just like a private tour, please contact us. We will always try to accommodate such requests.

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